Whats A Super bowl?

Coming to an arts school, I didn't expect there to be a huge sports culture amongst the students, but it was incredible what I really experienced. On one end, we had the kids who actually really cared about the game, who know the stats and the players. Those kids are few and far between, and I happen to be one of them. On the other end, we have people who literally don't know what the super bowl is. I think it was really interesting how some people just literally don't know what it is. I honestly respect that decision in a lot of people. The one thing, that I didn't predict would happen was that we analyzed the super bowl in one of my classes. Its true. It happened. In my acting class, we talked about the dramatic situation and the given circumstances of the super bowl, and more specifically about Ahmad Bradshaw's unwanted touchdown with :57 seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter. It was interesting, because speaking as a sports fan, there is a logic and a method to their madness, that only athletes and superfans get. But when you take a step away from being an athlete and a super fan, its interesting how other people view certain plays and decisions being made. So for the first time ever, I actually analyzed the super bowl as if it was a dramatic piece of entertainment, and it was mind blowing how much different my experience of the game was. Am I going to do it again? Probably not. But it absolutely gave me a different experience of the game, which I never thought would be possible.

Everything is going along pretty nicely at this point in the semester. In the shop, we are already working on building the set for chicago, which goes up at the end of march. It is a huge set, and it is going to take a ton of time to build. Im looking forward to seeing a bunch of really good theatrical productions all around town in the next few weeks, so look out for some reviews of what I think!


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David Fertik
Directing, Playwriting & Production '15
East Brunswick, NJ

David Fertik is a theatrical director, producer, administrator, and designer (specializing in Scenic and Puppetry Design). He currently serves as the Founding Artistic Director of Stage Left Theatre Company and the Co-Producing Artistic Director of Revolution Arts Workshop. Regional Credits include: Delware Theatre Company, Barrington Stage Company, International Opera Theatre, Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, Marian Anderson Award, French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, and Playhouse 22. David's senior thesis project entitled "The Circus Freak" featured various different types of puppetry. David is a proud member of the two largest organizations for puppeteers, UNIMA-USA and Puppeteers of America.