Weekend in the Color Darkroom

Hey University of the Arts,

I have some cool stuff to show you from my weekend printing in 1502 Terra the COLOR DARKROOM! I have posted some links to youtube, a few videos showing you all a little bit about our darkroom.

The first video is the COLEX – a machine designed to be trouble-free. It has superior film processing quality and consistency with minimum maintenance and service requirements (unlike this weekend, haha). It has a full processing time range from 5 to 12 minutes to handle all of your needs.

Of course I was only able to grab a few clips of what I was doing in the lab, and to be able to record my whole process just the light from my phone could potentially expose some light sensitive materials. So keep that in mind.

The second video is a shot of my studio, #13!!!!!!!! My favorite one! The cool thing about this lab, is that if you continue to use the same enlarger and the same box of paper, you can skip the process of test strip/ an essential for the black and white lab, and print at the same units for each picture.

The third video is a print coming out of the COLEX! woooo!

AND... I just wanted to throw a shot out to one of my favorite professors HARRIS FOGEL, you da man!


Mar 25, 2013 | Comments (0)

Leslie Shields
Multidisciplinary Fine Arts '15
Midway, Utah

I am currently working for Enrollment Management here at the University of the Arts and taking classes part time. I enjoy mediums of all types and cant seem to settle down on one, which is why I chose Multidisiplinary, a program that is suited for the student to arrange their schedule according to their personal interests in art. My formal art training is based around architecture, and tattoo/body modifications, and I have also worked closely with a guitar company refinishing and painting custom guitars. I really enjoy pushing my limits, and watching peoples reactions.