The Week from Hell

I don't know why it is that all big projects are always due at the same time. In High School, this was always a problem, but I was able to handle it. But in college, where the workload is greater and the material is harder, having everything due at once simply isn't an option. 

But nonetheless, last week, it happened to me.

Reading a play, reading an essay, reading the Metamorphosis, writing two critiques, seeing a professional show, and coreographing a nift song-and-dance routine to Cats. All of this, on top of tech week for the Cole Porter Cabaret, wore me out in a way I never even thought was possible. I felt a little bit of my soul curl up and die. 

I began pressing my nose to the grindstone on Sunday, at 2pm, which involved seeing an amazing show, and helping clean up once it was done. A Freshman's work is never finished. I didn't stop working until Friday, when I fell asleep in every class I had, including Jazz. Have you ever fallen asleep while doing ab work? It's a very strange experience. 


My High School habits of easy work and procrastonation-able assignments were nothing like the real world. High school never trained me for Art School.


Happy Turkey Day, everyone. We all need a nice, long break.

Nov 21, 2012 | Comments (0)

Katie Markey
Musical Theater '16
Portland, Oregon