I just started working on my website. Link It's really just a place where I can start posting my portfolio images. You should check it out. Once I get some products up I'm going to link it to my etsy.

I've also been working of things for my thesis show. I've got my files for my postcard done, and I'm going to be making buisness cards. Now all that's left is to finish all of the art for the show!


Mar 19, 2012 | Comments (0)

Multidisciplinary '12
Rockaway, NJ

I'm a senior Multidisciplinary major here at Uarts and I focus mainly on Sculpture. I really enjoy working in the woodshop and metal shop, but most of my work is some combination of every material I can get my hands on. In my spare time I love watching movies with friends and playing video games. I like experimenting with cooking and using friends and family as guinea pigs.