Waterjet Trip


This week, I attended a field trip to a WaterJet Cutting Company for my Material and Processes class. The company’s name is Surbeck Waterjet Company, located in Ardmore. Waterjet is an industrial tool used by manufacturers to cut all sorts of materials by adding abrasive, but as the title suggests, water is a key part of the process. The most commonly used abrasive for this process is Garnet, but other refined minerals are used such as Olivine sand and Silica sand. It incorporates these two elements and can make precise cuts with most materials and can be compared to Laser cutting, another manufacturing tool that is used in the industry which most people are familiar with.  Though the cost for production using a Waterjet cutting machine is greater than that of Laser cutting, it’s got quite a handful of benefits. Unlike Laser cutting, Waterjet can cut on most materials, with an exception of few (Ex: Tempered glass), it doesn’t burn the edges, it’s heat resistant, the amount of scrap material is reduced, water that is being used can be recycled and it is less hazardous to the environment for it produces very few fumes and smoke. In order to cut a design it uses AutoCAD, so the file must be in vector form in order to be cut. Again, very similar process to Laser cutting, just more beneficial. 


We arrived to the Waterjet company, the professionals working there gave us an insight to the process, we asked questions and then proceeded to actually seeing this machine in action. Seeing it in motion was definitely far more entertaining than the readings about it and we were allowed to get very close to the machine as it cut a snowflake design.

They had samples of their work scattered throughout the entire room so it gave us a very good idea of what materials can be cut using this process and the quality of it.

I had a great time and I'm definitely looking forward to our next class trip!



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