I am all for a good snow day or two, but it seemed like this Winter went on FOREVER. I got so sick of the cold very quickly and all I wanted was a nice warm (even hot!) day. Summer is where I thrive and I have always been a Summer kind of guy. Thankfully, this week has been nothing but beautiful and a true taste of Summer. The fact that a "Summer" thunderstorm was even thrown in the mix just made it ten times better! I was actually out at the park, playing frisbee, eating fruit in the sun, and doing whatever I could to remain outside. I have been waiting for days like these that it makes me want to cry tears of joy because I am so happy that it is finally here.

You can watch my experiences this week on my Second YouTube channel (JohnnyBerch77) where I keep a daily video blog- 7 days a week! In fact, i'm on day 100! 



I also have taken Monday's MAIN CHANNEL (JohnnyBerchtold) outside considering that the weather was so amazing! I give a little inside view of whats on my iPhone! Check it out here:


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John Berchtold
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John is a freshman here at UArts. Being a film major, John loves horror films and hopes to direct the next scary flick! Although a film major, he has a variety of other passions. Roller coasters, musical theatre, halloween and everything horror, vlogging for youtube, and food are among his favorite things. John has a youtube channel in which he updates daily- check him out at “Johnnyberchtold.” John has been performing all his life and loves to entertain others. Be sure to keep up with his blog posts, they’re here for you!

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