Three Weeks Left!

Thanksgiving break came and left, leaving students three more weeks to cram in all of the assignments that they can before Winter break begins. As a film student, those assignments mean shooting and editing. My most recent project had to be a three minute non-dialoge narrative and If I Didn't Care was the result. Creepy lil' piece, I must say. 

I also updated on "Johnnyberch77" (obviously) and have a whole new crop of videos!


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful break! I know I did! (aka food.) I also got to see my cat, Rocco. He's a precious lil' thing.



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John Berchtold
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John is a freshman here at UArts. Being a film major, John loves horror films and hopes to direct the next scary flick! Although a film major, he has a variety of other passions. Roller coasters, musical theatre, halloween and everything horror, vlogging for youtube, and food are among his favorite things. John has a youtube channel in which he updates daily- check him out at “Johnnyberchtold.” John has been performing all his life and loves to entertain others. Be sure to keep up with his blog posts, they’re here for you!

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