Thoughtless Acts

This past weekend, I documented thoughtless acts for my Studio: Behavior & Research class. As a designer, it's essential to be able to collect information about the people whom we will eventually be designing for. We were required to obtain ten images that concentrate on a specific act, all which are depicted in the book "Thoughtless Acts: Observations on Intuitive Design". I focused on two acts, "Responding" and "Exploiting", both which can be viewed within this link.

Photographing complete strangers is definitely not an interest of mine, but it had to be done and I wasn't as excited as I would have wanted to be. I'm a pretty shy individual so I was more nervous than excited. The weekend had arrived, got my camera ready and I set out to the Italian Market. Putting aside the shopping and the eating that was done, I took all the photographs I needed but surprisingly, I wasn't nervous anymore. There was nothing embarrassing about walking with a camera and taking pictures of things that most people just simply walk by and never take notice of. It was more of an eye opener. 


These are all taken somewhere close to the Italian market (I'm a Florida girl who is still struggling to remember the names of streets in Philadelphia). But getting back to the subject, these are just a few out of many photos I took. I took around fifteen photographs, all within the same area in merely an hour or so. If within such a small amount of time I was able to find so many examples of thoughtless acts, makes me many examples could I find if I wander through the entire city? They all seem so..unimportant, right? 

I found it quite amusing for the most part. People tend to leave trash where they see fit, taking advantage of the empty spots and spaces they see when a trash can is not around. Saddening too, because even with innovative designs such as the solar powered trash compacting trash cans which can be found in nearly every street, trash is placed where it doesn't belong.







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Maria Gaston
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