Things I Should Have Done, but I didn't...

I should have folded my laundry.  I didn’t.  Instead, I took a nap.  I am such an advocate for nap time.  I pretty much nap like every day.   

I should have taken my camera to Photojournalism on Monday.  I didn’t.  I completely forgot, so I had to rent one from the equipment room.  Our assignment was to pair up with someone we didn’t already know, walk around Philly, and basically take their head shot.  Not to gloat, but I totally rocked this assignment.  After we regrouped and put all of our pictures into Lightroom, and had an informal critique.  On my way out of class, my professor pulled me aside and told me my work was, “excellent,” and he was “really, very impressed!” 

I should have taken my first roll of color film outside.  I didn’t.  I took the whole damn thing inside, so consequently, I had to take an additional 2 rolls.  Normally, I would protest this idea, but because it is color film I am allowed to pay to get it processed.  I just knocked out all 5 of my prints for next week.  High five for planning ahead!  Here's a sneak peak! You can check out the entire assignment at

This weekend, my mom is coming up from Baltimore!  I should have planned ahead so that didn’t have so much work to do, but I didn’t.  I’m not sure what we’re doing yet, but I hope she’s in the mood to walk around because I have 2 rolls of black and white film, 2 rolls of color film, and a project for my Photojournalism studio.  Homework much?

I should have had this blog post done an hour ago, but instead, my roommate and my friend Anthony had a Brittany Spears dance party, complete with gaudy make overs.  Right now, Anthony is doing Jill’s make up.  He’s screaming, “Hold still! I’m gunna make it look like you have a black eye!”  I love Thursdays.

This just in:  Jill is putting make up on Anthony, and Anthony insists on laughing so hard he cries his black eye off.  We are on black eye number 3 right now.

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I am currently a Sophomore perusing a BFA in Photography with a concentration in Art Therapy.  I am from Baltimore, Maryland. Outside of class, I enjoy hanging out with friends, exploring the city, working out, and of course, taking pictures.  

My favorite TV shows are Saturday Night Live, The Office, and Parks and Recreation.  I have watched almost all the episodes on Netflix.  Twice.  I live in an off-campus apartment with my roommate, Jill.  We have a blast but we hate  grocery shopping and doing laundry.

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