Super Bowl Sunday!

Here we are again, the famous Super Bowl Sunday! Today the Ravens vs. the 49ers! Whether or not you actually follow football (which I don't) today is one of those days you can kick back with your friends and order some wings and pizza and enjoy some good company and what I'm sure will be a good game. My dorm (Furness) is hosting a Super Bowl Sunday get together in the common lounge with food and drinks for everyone who wants to come on down and watch the game. Today's the day to feast out and be lazy on your couch or for some, including myself, cram in all the homework you can get done before the games starts. I currently have two papers to write and some pictures to take but I am confident that I can bang it out in time to enjoy the rest of my night and hopefully you all can too! Win or lose today should be a day of fun, food, and friends. Enjoy!


Feb 3, 2013 | Comments (0)

Ricky Michiels
Graphic Design '15
Baldwin, New york

Ricky is a transfer student from Long Island, New York. He currently is working to obtain his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design here at The University of the Arts. Ricky is always open to new ideas and expierences and works his hardest in areas of design and art in general to create new ideas and concepts that are visually interesting and thought provoking. He has much to offer in the emerging industry of design and visual art.