Stress and Relaxation

I apologize for the lack of post's from my part, I've been quite busy for the past month. The stress is there but I am very glad with the work I've been producing these past few weeks. The end of the semester is approaching, the weather is getting warmer and summer is near!

I've also been visiting Rittenhouse Square more often these past few weeks. I've suprisingly found some time within my schedule to simply relax with company, even if it's for a mere ten to fifteen minutes. Walking through that park can certainly put one in a good mood. We have such a beautiful park at a walking distance, why not take advantage of it? 

Band playing in the afternoon, Rittenhouse Square

View of the city from Rittenhouse Square

Putting academic work aside for a minute, the Philadelphia International Festival Street Fair is approaching, taking place next week April 27th. This will be my first time attending, though I'm really crossing my fingers for some warm weather next week. I'm just really looking forward to the coming weeks, finals are approaching and all looks good from my side!

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