Spring Semester 2012

So, second semester is full underway. The first week of classes is always a nice and necessary "transition" phase. To go from couch-potatoing and the persistent smell of a nearby Douglas Fur back to the thankless grime and unpredictable weather of Philly is no easy task, but as students, we must make the shift.

I got back early from break, actually, to perform in "OBSESSION: The PostSecret New Play Festival," which, to make a long story short, was essentially a collection of brand-new, student-written plays based on those PostSecret cards. Pretty cool stuff.

Currently gearing up and planning for THE PURSUIT (season two) with other blogger, co-creator, and friend "Andy." We've got some exciting things coming your way. Be sure to keep up to date with it all via www.thepursuitwebseries.com. Follow us on Twitter, too: @thePURSUITguys.

Rehearsals for "Big River" start next Friday, so I'm getting all of the "fun" that I can get in before my life becomes irrelevant for two weeks. Just started a new job at a hotel in Old(e) City. Money is sweet.

Even though no one is reading this, thanks for reading.



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