Spring Break!

(I'm sorry if some of the pictures turn out sideways! I'm not exactly sure how to make them right side up, and my computer is being very fussy.)


Spring break was absolutely fantastic! My parents and I went down to Tampa, Florida for five days and Orlando for two. It was so nice to get out of the cold weather and away from the stress of school. 

We did a ton of really awesome things while we were there. I got to go down to a ranch where they took care of all these different wild animals. I got to feed giraffes and rhinos, which was probably the coolest thing I've ever done in my entire life. 

This ranch was filled with probably the strangest combination of animals I've ever seen. There were lemurs, monkeys, guinea pigs, a tortoise, porcupines, camels, giraffes, rhinos, warthogs, hippos, ostriches, guinea fowl, chickens, and rabbits, all hanging out in one huge ranch (obviously not together). The man who owned the ranch used to be the manager of the zoo in Tampa, and he took really good care of his animals. I made friends with a particularly outgoing camel named Forrest Hump.

During Orlando, my parents went golfing while I went by myself to the Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. My main reason for going there was to spend all of my time in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which I did. I also rode the Hulk roller coaster a few more times than I should have, and met Captain America on an ATV. 

Come on, what Spring Break is complete without seeing Captain America on an ATV? 


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Katie Markey
Musical Theater '16
Portland, Oregon