Snow vs. Snow Day

So in the first week back, we had two snow days delaying the start of classes. I loved them, but by the third day I was itching to get back to class, especially since this semester I get some time in the dark rooms again! Plus I really don't like snow, so I was happy when I began to see it melt. But now I hear that after this wonderful weekend we are getting more snow! I know I might be crazy for saying this but I don't want another snow day, I actually want to be in class. This is something I never thought I would say three years ago. But after a month of not doing any art I really want to be back in classes. Usually I would be spending my time praying for snow, even though I don't like it. So needless to say I am not looking looking forward to the snow tomorrow, for two ressons, the snow itself and the possibility of a snow day.

Feb 2, 2014 | Comments (0)

Alexis Williams
Writing for Film and TV (Minor in Photography) '15
Philadelphia, PA

Hi! I'm Alexis. I'm currently a juinor at Uarts. I am a film major with a concentration in screenwriting and a minor in photography. I am a member of the Ladies of Serive, a community service group at Uarts. I am an active member in the philadelphia community and I love being part of a group that focues on giving back. I have many other interests including dance and creative writing and being a part of the Uarts community I am able to explore other areas of interest. At a very young age I have had a love for arts and being at this school has helped me to be able to express myself in a creative way. I love being in the city and being able to have access to a multitude or art based things.