I'm from the South Shore of Massachusetts, about 30 minutes outside of Boston, and we get plenty of crazy snow storms each season. But it's always been those first couple of snowfalls that get me so excited for the change in seasons. Since I've been away at school, it's been a whole different story with the weather. It effects my daily commute and usually my temperament for the rest of my day. And yet I still love being able to walk down Broad street with the flurries flying all around, it's a whole different atmosphere but still the same type of love. As far as classes go, things are beginning to wind down. Finals week for your senior year semester that isn't packed with core classes, proves to have little to no finals as well. So here's hoping the finals I do have fly by so I can coast into my vacation. Also callbacks are happening for my final semester here and I've found  that I have a very calm and collected demeanor. I mean, I know pretty much all of the directors in the audition room, and at this point I feel ready to do this for my profession. I can't wait to get home for the holidays, and I think it's going to be a great final semester!

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Acting '14
Halifax, MA

My name is Collin and I'm a senior acting major here at UArts. I have been acting since I was about nine years old and I love pursuing an education in something I'm really passionate about. Philadelphia is an amazing city and working for UArts has really given me a personal connection with this city and the university.