OH MY GOD YOU MUST ALL GO SEE CONTAGION!!! It's SO good!!! I think I might have to restart my Movie Blog again just to talk about it, more.... One of the best "End of the world" dramas I've seen in forever. Seriously. Not that it's about "The End of the World" exactly, but it thrives in that feeling of desperation. I loved it. I went to see it earlier today with Dan, Shaina and Angela. We went to the Roxy Theatre on 20th- where they only take cash, by the way... so save yourself the same embarrassing situation that Angela and I faced, and BRING CASH. Anyway, go see Contagion. I ORDER YOU, MY MINIONS.

Guess who couldn't bring myself to go to Analyzing Talk this week? That would be meeee. Screw that class, I'm done. Couldn't do it. I needed to focus on other things... like reading Dangerous Liaisons for my Costume class! And writing a damn series bible for "How I Met Your Mother!" So gross. But at least I got it done! And I managed to turn over a fraction of a second to my poor senior screenplay, "Leaving Christmas Valley" as well... I feel bad for neglecting the little guy... but honestly, it was my THIRD choice for ideas, and it's a Lifetime movie to me... just, not big in any way. I need to expand upon it and make it my bitch, but I just feel like the concept is kind of simple at heart and that it probably shouldn't have been chosen. But that's just my feeling, isn't it? It's something I wasn't hoping to work on right now, just something I wanted to submit to show my range... and it was chosen. Sucks. I feel like the other two- both of the other two- were more well rounded, more entertaining, would have been easier to sell, and would have made me excited to develop... but this idea is just... blah.

I've been sewing in my costume class! It gave me the ambition to go out and buy some sewing supplies for myself to brush up on my old skills. My grandmother would be so proud! Since... she's the one that taught me, lol. I can't even believe how much I like that class. I should have weaseled my way into it earlier. But, no time for regrets... not while there's homework to be done!

Took a trip to South Street this past week! I got two new sets of pretty piercings for my lip—ooh, that's right! Since I haven't posted pictures yet, you guys haven't gotten to see my snakebites! Yes, I FINALLY got them and they look awesome... I did take out my eyebrow ring so I didn't end up with too much metal in my face, though. Today I put in the little diamonds studs in my lip. They're so cute. I love them: an elegant blend of masculine and feminine. On South Street, Angela and Sandra also banded together to buy me one of the cutest sweaters I've ever seen: Lime green Leopard print. It's REALLY nice. They got it at Crash Bang Boom after I tried it on and realized that I couldn't afford it. Oh, those girls. They're so good to me. J I also bought a $14 dollar dress from Retrospect that's very 50's-esc that I'm going to revamp it to make it a shorter length with a higher waistline. It's a power dress, baby. Dark green and black with sexy pockets on the sides to increase hip factors, and it's tight in all the right places with a high neckline and sliiiight shoulder pad effects... long sleeves so it'll be good in the winter. I love it. Can't wait to make it perfect. :D We also had some drinks at Copabanana. That was fun! By the way WE'RE ALL 21. So that's not a bad thing. J

It's been a good year so far, I would say. I'm optimistic about my grades, I've had a lot of social time with friends, but I'm still getting all my school stuff done, and I'm not panicking about sleep. Things are good! Even with all my individual stress and still seeing my counselor, I'd still say that things are good. That makes me happy. J

PS: I forgot to tell you about the new addition to Sandra and our household... but... it's really explained better with pictures... I'm so excited for the big reveal!! :D

Goodnight goodnight goodniiiight


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