Senior Year

Senior year has started!! I CANNOT believe it’s finally here. The amount of ridiculousness is mindboggling. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to enjoy it as much as I wish because I’ve had the flu for the past week. Ugh ugh ugh ugh. I think I got it being an Orientation Leader because it seems like all of us got sick at some point. However, it’s also been one Hell of a summer.

I met and started dating a guy named Ray, who’s been very sweet so far. He’s 27 and wants to be involved in Video Game Design/Computer Programming. Ready for some real life drama? He has a 10-year-old son, as well. That’s right. I’m dating someone with a little boy. Who would have thought that was going to happen? Haha… not me. But, if the Blog is supposed to be for people to get a feel of “what this stage of life is” then… I guess it’s appropriate to add. Babies can be a part of this stage… and also… older babies. 10-year-old babies.

I worked bitterly and angrily at Mobil on the Run as I’ve done for the past several summers, and I’m never going back. People in New Hampshire have… changed. There’s no life there, anymore. Everyone’s angry, in a hurry, ready to forget themselves and their responsibilities… no one has a reason to live. It’s a wasteland of drug abuse and throwing blame at strangers. Very unhappy lifestyle to work in for someone that likes to be an Optimist, like me.

I went onto a Birth Control pill that grossly altered the way I handle my anxiety (I’ve had General Anxiety Disorder for many years) and it will probably never be the same. Yay! It’s been hard to deal with little things that have popped up ever since then… we’re talking, “WHY IS MY COMPUTER CLOSED. I LEFT IT OPEN. ALIENS… HAVE CLOSED THE COMPUTER.” Yes. That level of ridiculous. Very awkward to explain to new teachers who have never met me before, might I add.

Due to a series of unfortunate events in her life, my friend Mandeigh from New Hampshire decided to move to Philadelphia with me to live with Angela—oh yes, I’m sure we all remember Miss Mexican Queen, Angela. J -- who she gets along with very well. They have a lot in common. Angela needed a roommate, and Mandeigh needed a change of scenery. It all works out. But, in the meantime, they’re both living in Sandra and my living room until October 1st. Oh well! People need to do what needs to be done.

I’ve returned to Philly with the knowledge that I have no desire to go back to New Hampshire. Therefore, I’m currently facing the belittling anxiety of “What the Hell am I going to do when I graduate?” I’m sure the next months of blogs will detail that fear and what I’m doing to get what I want, in the process.

So. BACK TO SCHOOOOOL. My classes have so far been… bad? Not bad, per say… just… no, bad is the right word.

I’m taking:

Analyzing Talk
Costume Design and Prop Technology
Creating Reality TV
Episodic TV I
Senior Screenplay I

So far, the class I like the most is the farthest away from my major… Costume Design and Prop Technology. The teacher, Maggie Baker, invited me to join the Make Up class as well. Even though it has a limit of like 12 and is generally offered first to the many, many theatre students that want to take it, I’m optimistic about joining since she seems like she’d like to have me there. Plus, she let me sit in on the first class… and it’s SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD… so part of me NEEDS to have this. Need.

I’ve also gotten an Internship for the year, with my old professor- who’s currently on sabbatical- Steve Saylor! He’s making another film and asked several of the seniors and juniors to help in this endeavor. I agreed to help, and so did Sandra, Kevin, and I believe Andrew did, too. That’s more than enough of us to get this party started!! We won’t really begin working until late November and the Christmas break. I’m excited, though… I’ll finally be able to Network in the job market, and I’m honestly hoping to either meet a Costume designer or Make Up artist on the set who can tell me a little about that side of it… because I’m getting really into it.

It’s definitely homework time. Ugh! I wish I could give you guys pictures, but not only was my digital camera stolen over Orientation (lame!!) but the blog is actually down during actual September and I’m writing these using Microsoft word, so unfortunately, I cannot. L Sadness! But, I’ll have many more posted in October when I can finally post directly from the website, again.

I’m glad to see everyone back in classes, and I hope everyone had a good summer!


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Jaimie Fortin
Writing for Film and TV '2012
Bedford, New Hampshire

Hullo-- I'm Jaimie and I have been blogging for UArts for the last four years. :) I'm a senior now, and while I enjoy screenwriting, I've taken a special interest in makeup as well! My hope is to me a Primary Makeup Artist on film sets or for a television network, and write my screenplays on the side to sell. I hope to go to Cosmetology school next year to get an official degree to help me secure a day job in that field. I also enjoy history, serial killers, folklore, and Drag Queens! :D