Second Semester Classes

Well by now, I have had all of my classes at least once. Here is the rundown.


My writing class is actually going to be pretty cool this semester. We are looking at 1950's films and I think that it should be pretty interesting to look at cinema in a decade that Im not actually all too familiar with.

I have stage combat 2 this semester, and we are fighting with rapiers in the sabre style. It is a very hollywood style, and similar to that of famous sword fighting actor Errol Flynn. It so far has been incredible to learn how to properly sword fight, which has been a dream of mine for a long time.

My acting class this semester will absolutely be a class in which i am going to learn a great deal. I have had acting classes in the past before, but this class really allows us to concentrate on the various major theorists in the area of acting. I love learning about different techniques to acting, because as a director, I love getting different tips and tricks.

My Mask and Puppetry class is by far going to be my absolute favorite class of the semester. Its a class in which we get to explore the design, creation, and performance of masks and puppetry. I have always had an interest in masks and puppetry so for me to finally not only get to learn how to make them both, and get performance techniques is also amazing.

My stage management class is going to be one of the most informative classes of the semester. It's one of the few sections of theatre that I have never done before, besides last semester as an ASM on a student project. I think the class will be entertaining and incredibly informative, and I can't wait to learn a new aspect of theatre.

Scene and lighting I think should be a breeze for me, but it will be interesting to finally get a real class in stagecraft and lighting, because so far everything that I have learned has been on my own, or on the job.

And lastly, script analysis should be a lot of fun, especially because it leads to the Tell it in Ten project, which im oddly excited for. I think to finally get a class on script analysis (which has been one of my worst areas of directing) will help me obtain life skills.

In addition to all of these classes, I am a member of the 2012 Emerging Leaders Program. I am truly honored to have been nominated for the program, and its an amazing opportunity that I was given. It is going to give me tips and tricks on how to be a good leader, not only on campus, but in the community as well.

I think all of my classes this semester are going to be incredible. I am incredibly excited for what this semester has in store.

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David Fertik
Directing, Playwriting & Production '15
East Brunswick, NJ

David Fertik is a theatrical director, producer, administrator, and designer (specializing in Scenic and Puppetry Design). He currently serves as the Founding Artistic Director of Stage Left Theatre Company and the Co-Producing Artistic Director of Revolution Arts Workshop. Regional Credits include: Delware Theatre Company, Barrington Stage Company, International Opera Theatre, Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, Marian Anderson Award, French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, and Playhouse 22. David's senior thesis project entitled "The Circus Freak" featured various different types of puppetry. David is a proud member of the two largest organizations for puppeteers, UNIMA-USA and Puppeteers of America.