School Stress and Legally Blonde!

I've been pretty busy with school lately. I don't really know why, but school's been really hard recently. All of my classes got a lot more strict on late assignments, and since organization is something I've always struggled with, it's making me really worried. I'm doing okay so far, but it always seems like as soon as one obstacle is done, there's another one right after it! 

On a much brighter note, UArts is putting on their production of Legally Blonde which opens tonight for their open dress! They had a preview video today that they showed at convocation, and it looks absolutely amazing. 

Here's the link for tickets

For those of you who don't know, convocation is where the entire theater school gets together and has a meeting. Usually, we discuss upcoming shows in school or around Philly, classes that will be available next semester, or suggestions for improvement from the students. They announced that next year, they'd do a class on Mask Characterization, which is really exciting! I'm really interested in a style of theater called Commedia d'el Arte, which involves a lot of puppetry and maskwork. With any luck, I can get into that class, though they might not take me first, since I'm going to be a Sophmore. 


Mar 27, 2013 | Comments (0)

Katie Markey
Musical Theater '16
Portland, Oregon