My rapture of a good book

I cannot seem to put down the current book I am reading down. Every chance I get of free time, a break from work, or when I'm bored, I pick up Living and Sustaining a Creative Life. Edited by Sharon Louden it's an incredible collection of essays by 40 working artists. Not only has it introuduced me to new artists to discover, I also get their story. I learn what their daily lives constists of, if they have childern, where they live, their first job out of graduate school, and how they sustain their creative life. As an artist I feel urge to share this book with as many people as I can, to young inspiring artists like myself, to anyone with an interest in our lives, and most importantly to my parents, to prepare them for the life ahead of me. Cheers to being an artist, I am inspired everyday by my surrounding piers and feel honored to start a new semester with all of you.  

Feb 6, 2014 | Comments (1)

Sculpture '2015
Piscataway, New Jersey


Student Blogger Award for My Rapture of a Good Book

Your article is short and sweet, Stephanie, but the passion you convey about your chosen field of study is clear. Sharing this book that has inspired you to keep reaching for your artistic dreams is a wonderful way to inspire others, and we think that is important! We’ve selected you along with 9 other college bloggers whose articles offer helpful tips or inspiration as our top ten college bloggers. You can read our article here: Please leave us a comment on the article, or contact us via email and we’ll send you the award emblem to share on your blog along with a little token of our appreciation (think Latte/Espresso).