"A Hard day's Night"

As you can tell by my vibrantly colored, yet amazingly chaotic planner (the thumbnail you clicked on), it's been a busy week!  

I know what your thinking. "Wow! Her and writing is atrocious!" I have this conversation about four times a day with five different people.  I’m not sure how I am able to read my own to do lists, but I am, and I definitely get it done.  

Next, you might wonder, “Is this normal?”  No. I’m not sure why but the homework gods have me on their bad side this week!  One reason I had such a heavy work load was last weekend was Parents’ Weekend!  My mom came up from Saturday to Sunday, so I used this opportunity to go to a real restaurant, for a real meal!  For lunch, we went to Profi's Creperie in Reading Terminal Market, then for dinner we went to a new restaurant called Square Peg.  Both were dee-lish.  

As part of Parents’ Weekend, the Photography department had an open house where some of the professors had work on display.  All of the professors are working photographers, so it was refreshing to see their personal work.  Parent’s Weekend came to an end, but of course not before we made a pit stop in the shoe section of Macy’s.  I have my eye on a pair of Steve Madden’s (hint, hint)... : )

Monday is a long day.  I have Text and Context (a philosophy/writing class) sandwiched by my Intro to Photo 1 studio (a six-hour studio, three hours in the morning, three hours after break), followed by Math (graduation requirement).  After class my friend let me climb onto the roof of her apartment building to shoot for my Intro class.  I am absolutely terrified of heights.  Next to science, its my other kryptonite.  The assignment for Intro to Photo is to shoot a photo essay on basically anything I want to take pictures of.  I’m experimenting with lights, extended exposure, and focus (or lack of).  Even though I was scared, I’m really happy I did it.  

Tuesday my dad came up for dinner!  Baltimore is only two hours away, so my dad drove up instead of taking MegaBus.  Naturally, I asked him to drive me to a few spots to shoot.  For dinner we went to Chinatown to a Pho restaurant (also delish).  This trip was short, but Thanksgiving is only a month away!

Thursdays are also long days because I have my other studio, Video Production.  Like Mondays, I also have Text and Context and Math.  Fast forward to the end of another very long day, and here I am, eating Fro-yo with my roommate.  Life is good.  So glad it’s Halloweekend!

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Sara Nachman
Photography - Concentration in Art Therapy ''15
Baltimore, Maryland

I am currently a Sophomore perusing a BFA in Photography with a concentration in Art Therapy.  I am from Baltimore, Maryland. Outside of class, I enjoy hanging out with friends, exploring the city, working out, and of course, taking pictures.  

My favorite TV shows are Saturday Night Live, The Office, and Parks and Recreation.  I have watched almost all the episodes on Netflix.  Twice.  I live in an off-campus apartment with my roommate, Jill.  We have a blast but we hate  grocery shopping and doing laundry.

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