Roommates and Housing

A lot of people always ask me about roommates and housing.  Is it cheaper to live off campus?  How do you find a roommate?  Did you get along with your roommates in dorms?  

I always tell people that each situation is different.  Personally, living off campus has better suited my needs and wants to uphold my lifestyle.  I have plenty of friends that loved living on campus and still do.  Many of them are now R.A.s (residence assistants).  Living off campus is my preference, but it's not right for everyone.  A lot goes into it--finding roommates, settling differences with roommates, going into a large financial transaction with a friend, chores, bills, etc.  It's a lot of work.  Don't let anyone fool you.  Although it's a lot of work, I think it's totally worth it!  


Another FAQ is if it's cheaper.  That, again, depends on you.  Some people find housing for a fraction of what on campus housing costs.  Others find housing that is nearly double the price.  It's all about what you can afford and what you're looking for.


Overall, I say find roommates that you respect and trust.  They don't need to be your best friend, but they need to be reliable.  Find a safe neighborhood and do your research.  Finally, do what's best for you.  If you want to move off campus, move off campus.  If you want to live on campus, do it.  Ultimately, you need to make the choice that's going to make you the happiest.


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Tyler Seecof
Film '15
Southampton, Pennsylvania

Hey all!  I'm Tyler.  I am a Junior Film major at UArts.  I'm also heavily involved with our theater school.  I've been involved in film,acting, and theater my whole life so it has been a really surreal experience being completely submerged in what I love most and I can't wait to share all of my stories with you!

Film '15
Southampton, Pennsylvania

Hi all!  My name is Tyler.  I'm a junior Film major at University of the Arts.  I'm also heavily involved with our theater school!  I've been involved with film and acting my whole life. I did my first show in the 4th grade!  Being at a school where I can totally emerge myself in everything I love has been so surreal! I'm always working on school, or at one my jobs, or on a film set.  I can't wait to share all those stories with you guys!