UArts is not your typical college by any means. We don't have a real "campus," per say. It's a city in which we own a few buildings. Things are really small, everyone complains when the have to write a 2-page essay, etc. etc.

However, since I've turned 21, things have started to feel strangely more legitimate. There's something about going out to a bar to "drink off" the school day that shoves "college" as a notion into this romantic little box. It's pretty cool. We're about to be on Sprang Break. Wish I was going to Cancun. 



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Directing, Playwriting & Production '2013
Doylestown, PA

I like things like fire and avocados and being in parks and taking bike rides and finding cool old books in cool old bookstores and only ever thinking about reading them. I'm a Capricorn. Grilled cheese is my kryptonite. I want to work in Theater or Film and TV. I don't believe in wasting time. I like telling stories. My life is about THE PURSUIT [a web series] ( and Saladworks and Christmas.