Promoting Yourself is Good

I have truly learned recently that promoting yourself is an overall good thing. Last semester, I had a class called "Video Production." This six hour class was the time when we would be creating the films as opposed to simply learning about them and how they are created. Our final assignment could be whatever we wanted it to be. There were very little guidelines as to what the film had to be and so I let my imagination run wild. 

       For a while I had wanted to create a short film based around YouTube considering that I have been, what they call, a "YouTuber" for over three years and consistenly creating content for online viewer's enjoyment. I created a film entitled "Press Play- A YouTube Story" about a high school girl with an unsatisfying homelife and a weak social standing who finds comfort in the YouTube community. I felt as though many people on YouTube (and off YouTube) could relate to the overall theme- pursuing what you love to do. One of the only requirements that the film needed was that it be uploaded to YouTube to watch in class. 

       The night before it was due, I uploaded the film to my main channel, JohnnyBerchtold, and thought to send the film out to those YouTubers who inspire me. I sent out tweets and after about 10 minutes, one of the biggest YouTubers tweeted out the link, saying that he was crying due to the film's message. This truly touched me in so many ways and I couldn't have been any more grateful. By the time I got into class the next day, the film had around 10,000 views. To this day, the film has about 32,000 views and it continues to grow. I am so unbelievably grateful to say that some of my biggest inspirations and YouTubers have now seen the film. I always wonder where I would be and where the film would be if I never tweeted out the video. Honestly, you never know who is going to see your work and you'll never know if you never try. Always take pride in your work.


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John Berchtold
Film Major '16
Mays Landing, New Jersey

John is a freshman here at UArts. Being a film major, John loves horror films and hopes to direct the next scary flick! Although a film major, he has a variety of other passions. Roller coasters, musical theatre, halloween and everything horror, vlogging for youtube, and food are among his favorite things. John has a youtube channel in which he updates daily- check him out at “Johnnyberchtold.” John has been performing all his life and loves to entertain others. Be sure to keep up with his blog posts, they’re here for you!

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