Projects on projects

As the semester draws closer to a close it seems as though all of these projects are getting a little overwhelming. Planning is key right now and that's exactly what I've done. I've recently been working on two projects for two different classes that I'm excited to finish and see the final product! For my Design Class I'm working on a "Do It Yourself Life Hack" project which is where you find something in your life or day to day basis that you do or need and alter it so that it can make your life easier. For my project I'm working on a jewlery holder for men that also serves as a pocket to put things in i.e. remotes, phones, pens etc. Basically because my desk is cluttered with a million things and then on top of that I have no where to organize my jewlery. My second project is for my found and fabricated class. We were told to make an object that stands for a personal ritual that means something to us. I'm making snow globes out of mason jars that I can decorate my room with that are filled with objects that are important to me... and that look super awesome! So these projects are in the works right now but will be done very soon! I find that when I'm doing work and trying to be creative that music is a very helpful source. Below I've posted a couple of songs I like to listen to while working to "get in the zone" and hopefully they can inspire you too... or just give you new music to download! Enjoy!

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Ricky Michiels
Graphic Design '15
Baldwin, New york

Ricky is a transfer student from Long Island, New York. He currently is working to obtain his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design here at The University of the Arts. Ricky is always open to new ideas and expierences and works his hardest in areas of design and art in general to create new ideas and concepts that are visually interesting and thought provoking. He has much to offer in the emerging industry of design and visual art.