So since I'm new to Philly and don't know too much about the events and stuff that take place I recently hears about a thing called PIFA that is coming to Philadelphia April 27-28 and it sounds awesome!

PIFA is Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. Not knowing what it was I did a little research on google and found out more about it and needless to say I will definitely be attending because it looks and sounds like so much fun!

Saturday, April 27, 2013, 11AM - 7PM

Broad Street (Chestnut to South)

The Street Fair is the culminating event of the spectacular 31-day Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. On April 27, 2013, the Kimmel Center will close Broad Street for an all-out extravaganza, capturing the magic and mystery of this year’s PIFA theme, “If You Had a Time Machine…”

Food vendors, artisans, and exhibitors will fill the street while Philadelphians are captivated and entertained by a wide variety of unique street performers, musicians, and family-friendly programming as the gates of time open up onto Broad Street.

Highlights include:

  • Street Fair Rides including Ferris Wheel and Galleon
  • Grassy Gardens
  • Dinosaur Petting Zoo
  • Urban Koncepts Jungle Gyms

Below I've included a link to the site to find out more about it, I can't wait to go, and once I do I'll post pictures and stuff to share my expierence!





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