Today during my Design 101 class we were told to go out on campus and explore different areas of design that we could improve dealing with the topic of organization. My group consisted of me and two of my classmates, so we all chose to travel to Terra Hall to interview random people in the UArts community about organization and what it means to them/how does it function in their life. It was really interesting to hear what people had to say, a majority of them said that organization was something that they themselves struggled with and found it hard to maintain on a day to day basis. I myself also have this problem. Organization is something easy to start but extremely hard to keep up with. There are so many different aspects that deal with organization and so many different aspects of it to look at. My class mates and I traveled to the Industrial Design Department to interview one of our teachers, Tony Guido, about what organization means to him so we could research and collect answers to hopefully build a product that can help people to become more organized. When we visited Tony he opened our eyes up to the different aspects of organization we didn't really think too much about. He told us about Social Organization, Personal Organization, School-Related Organization, Work Organization, and many more. There are so many different aspects to organization that we didn't even think of to begin with. Once we visited him and he showed us around the ID Department and showed us different aspects of organization we came out of the building with a clearer view of where our project was headed and also more research to base our product off of. It was a productive technique and really helped us decide where exactly our project was headed. And we also got a awesome picture with Tony to include in our final presentation!

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Ricky Michiels
Graphic Design '15
Baldwin, New york

Ricky is a transfer student from Long Island, New York. He currently is working to obtain his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design here at The University of the Arts. Ricky is always open to new ideas and expierences and works his hardest in areas of design and art in general to create new ideas and concepts that are visually interesting and thought provoking. He has much to offer in the emerging industry of design and visual art.