New Classesssssss

So, I’ve had all my new classes and I am excited to say that all the Liberal Arts courses I took seem like they’re going to be reeeeally interesting. I’m taking Adult Psychology, Personality and Adjustment, and Chinese Philosophy with Ben Olshin! I missed Ben Olshin from my Sophomore year, sooo much- I’m really glad I got the opportunity to have him again before I graduate! :D And Fabian Ulitsky teaches both of my other psychology courses, and apparently this is his last year at UArts. I’ve heard nothing but good things about him so far, so I’m glad I was able to snag a couple of his courses before we both head out, as well.

I’ve still not had my two returning courses: Senior Screenplay and Episodic TV Writing II. Mostly, because they don’t meet regularly. Senior Screenplay is structured more like a write-at-home position, where you do everything at home and come in to show your work in a short 30 minute meeting with Miss Stacy Bronte in a few weeks. Of course, since my classmates and I are fairly close, we do have the option of sending each other our work if we want to for feedback, and I’m debating sending out a group email to get that ball rolling, because I feel like it’ll be really beneficial to us to have that… it always was in previous years. Episodic TV Writing doesn’t meet as a class because the number of students in my major is too small for the graduating class of 2012. We only have six students, and I guess UArts changed the minimum number of students for a course this semester, so they were unable to make us an official class… it says “Independent Study” on my transcript, haha. But, I am really excited to get going on that class because I’m using it as an opportunity to begin writing my own original teleplay pilot with Diane, and I value her feedback a lot. :D

I have to say, I’m a little disappointed in this assignment that overlaps between Ulitsky’s classes: Watch… the News. For those of you who know me in person, you know that I’m against the news for media reasons. Everything’s a scoop- a story- a narrative… that means that at least 30% if not more of what is being reported has been chewed up and spat out with an opinion- a good guy and a bad guy- and not everything that pertains is being reported. It’s really hard to find good, objective “news” and I’m not really looking forward to sifting through the channels every night to see the latest crap that people have to say. I’ll do it, of course, I just won’t like a single second of it!!

My boyfriend hurt himself at work today, lol… he’s a construction worker, and I guess he was lifting something well over his body weight with a coworker, and when that guy dropped his end, Dennis lost his sh*t and dropped it on himself… so I’m driving him from store to store tomorrow so he can still run his errands, haha… poor thing. I hope he feels better soon. Just goes to show you—I am HAPPY to have a career and a passion in the arts, because me and injuries/illnesses? So not a plan.

I’ve gotten pretty much hooked on Project Runway. I’ve never gotten into it in the past- I used to hate television- but I started watching it on a whim after my Creating Reality TV class got me much more into that scene, and I’m enjoying it!! I wish I was a small gay man who could dance around with Tim Gunn, I think. That’s my next life, plan. Of course… Tim Gunn has to be reborn, too… as Tim Curry. So many Tims.

I lost a little bit of weight while I was sick, so I’m looking slightly thinner which is fantastic! I hope I can keep it up because I’m liking this. I’ve basically always been big, so I don’t mind being big, lol, but ten pounds I could afford to lose, and I think I can afford to leave it behind, as well.

What else? Not much else. I found a website today that was 100% about poop, and people talking about the poops they’ve taken, and in some cases, asking for opinions on new patterns in poop. The internet is the Queen Mother of Niche Marketing. I hope SOPA falls into a volcano of death and explodes. Poop websites are important.

Also: Addicted to 1920s music right now… it’s convenient, considering the teleplay I’m working on… but that’s all I’m gonna say ; )

Until next time, I hope everyone’s classes are turning out well!




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Hullo-- I'm Jaimie and I have been blogging for UArts for the last four years. :) I'm a senior now, and while I enjoy screenwriting, I've taken a special interest in makeup as well! My hope is to me a Primary Makeup Artist on film sets or for a television network, and write my screenplays on the side to sell. I hope to go to Cosmetology school next year to get an official degree to help me secure a day job in that field. I also enjoy history, serial killers, folklore, and Drag Queens! :D