New classes

So I went to my Senior Seminar class for the first time on Monday. Even though it's only a 1.5 credit class, it seems like it's going to be a lot of work. We have to write a bunch of papers and work on our artist statements and resumes. The whole idea is that once we graduate, we know where to go and what to do to get this kind of jobs that we want. It would be interesting, and I hope that I get some good information out of it.

Jan 24, 2012 | Comments (0)

Multidisciplinary '12
Rockaway, NJ

I'm a senior Multidisciplinary major here at Uarts and I focus mainly on Sculpture. I really enjoy working in the woodshop and metal shop, but most of my work is some combination of every material I can get my hands on. In my spare time I love watching movies with friends and playing video games. I like experimenting with cooking and using friends and family as guinea pigs.