Mama Said there'd be Days like This...

I’m really not one to complain, but ohmygawd, did today suck.

First, I woke up (10 minutes later than planned). I must have turned my alarm off in my sleep, because I woke up to the ‘snooze’ alarm.  Okay, that was a set back.  Because of my early morning cat nap, I had to rush to my 8:30.  I began to throw my stuff into my bag.  Notebook?  Check.  Textbook?  Check.  Keys?  Check.  Sunglasses?  SUNGLASSES? They were no where to be found.  I had to leave without them or else I’d be late for child psych.  

Quite frequently, friends from home and elsewhere will ask me if its actually ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’  Lately, the answer has been ‘no’ but today, the answer is ‘yes.’ I’m blinded as I walk down Broad St.  

The rest of my day goes as planned.  Lunch break, then another class, then I decided to run to Reading Terminal Market.  My favorite vendor is Ivinov Produce.  The cashier knows this, and I get my apples for free.  I imagine a score board in my head reading “Sara: 1, Universe 0.”  Fresh produce in toe, I walk blindly back to my apartment.

At some point, I decide I am hungry.  This occurs about every 45 minutes or so, but it’s getting close to dinner time so I decide to have fish, a salad, and a skinned baked sweet potato (I’m allergic to the skin, but not the inside oddly enough).  I preheat the oven to 450, grease a dish, then pop the potato in the oven for 25 minutes.  The potato is still under cooked.  I add more olive oil, and I repeat the process fore an additional 10 minutes.  I inspect the spud again.  It is more cooked, but still technically raw.  I cut it into awkward pieces, and repeat the baking process again, this time with more olive oil.  A few minutes pass and I begin to smell something burning.  Apparently, oil gets really hot.  I know this because it basically began to fry my potato.  So much for healthy options!  


Finished product?

At least I know how to cook fish!


Tonight my friend Anthony is coming over!  He is a junior Graphic Design major, and studied abroad in France, so when he comes over we have a lot of gossip to catch up on! 

Until now, I attributed my latest spurt of bad luck to my lack of luck in the first place, but then I remembered... Today is Thursday.  Thursday as in Thursday, January 31st.  Tonight marks the end of an amazing era of NBC Sitcoms.  Jim, Dwight, Pam, Tina, and Alec, I will miss you. 

...And now I lost the remote.

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