Lazy Tuesday

Well, I just got done making peppermint fudge for my teachers and boss/director, Steve Saylor. It's 1:57AM... I also went to Fabric's Row tonight to get a bunch of stuff for my mom's christmas present! I'd love to post pictures on here when it's all done. Hopefully they'll think of a way to make that possible for me, in time. :)

I have my very last class/critique, tomorrow. I'm bringing in my replica of "Puck's Broom" that I made for A Midsummer Night's Dream last week, and the concept board I made initially to go with it. I hope I do well on it to make up for the lab hours I missed at the beginning of the year due to personal matters... hope!! It's a beautiful thing.

I can't wait to finish my internship with Steve and have that credit behind me... it's going to feel really good to have professional work I can use to get more work for myself. :) It also feels great to have my Stage Makeup class behind me!! I did enjoy having it, but it was a huuuge burden on my mind, wondering how I was going to do, and hoping like hell that I would do WELL since makeup is such a huge part of my life... I really like that it's all over. I also love having that experience in pictures, because that too will help me get jobs.

I've been watching the recent season of Survivor for some reason? I mean... it's good because I'm a friggen writer for film and TV, so anything I watch is like, "Hey, good for you, buddy." But I have no idea what compelled me to start watching it in the first place. I am not into this kind of thing at all, usually haha. But, oh well! I'm kind of into it now! xD

I also can't believe it's almost time for Christmas. In some ways it feels like the semester just started... and in others it's been the longest and hardest of my entire college career. Diane asked me to assess the grade I believe I deserve in her class a few days ago... and I had to say, it's been HARD. I missed a lot of class toward the beginning. But, I still feel that I've demonstrated good work, and worked well with my classmates. I mean, maybe that's crap. But it doesn't feel like it to me. And I feel that way about all my classes. I hope that my grades reflect it... but I also have resolved myself that I don't care as much as I usually do. Realistically, grades don't matter in the world. No company that hires me is going to ask what my college GPA is. No one's going to care that I got a C in "History of TV" my freshman year. They're going to care about how I act as a person- a professional person- and the quality of my work. As long as I keep those things up to the standard I hold highest... that's all I care about. :)

On that note, I should work on the five-page paper on the experience of my internship before I crash to go to class tomorrow. I hope everyone's having good luck with crits and finals, and I will talk to ya soon!

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Jaimie Fortin
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Hullo-- I'm Jaimie and I have been blogging for UArts for the last four years. :) I'm a senior now, and while I enjoy screenwriting, I've taken a special interest in makeup as well! My hope is to me a Primary Makeup Artist on film sets or for a television network, and write my screenplays on the side to sell. I hope to go to Cosmetology school next year to get an official degree to help me secure a day job in that field. I also enjoy history, serial killers, folklore, and Drag Queens! :D