Keeping focused

It's starting to get real chilly here in Philly. I've had to break out my heavy winter coat, gloves and hat already and its only November 7th. In the city it always seems like we sometimes skip over whole seasons. What with the Christmas ads already filling the TV and windows of shops, its hard to not get caught up in it. But if there's anything I've realized since coming to school, it'a that you have to live and function in the present. If I were to allow myself to get caught up in the winter excitement, then I'd be distracting myself from my commitments here and now. School seems to have a way of making you think into your past and into your future, but never just the present. Being it my Sophomore year here at UArts, I feel I've grown to a point where I can look at my schedule and approach it one thing at a time, like one piece of a pie at a time. In a way, this eases my stress for finals coming up just after Thanksgiving break and allows me to keep my focus during these weeks leading up to the break. With my head in the right place, I'm able to wake up everyday with a clear mind and a concise schedule that will keep me focused until I board a plain back to Massachusetts on November 23rd. 

Nov 7, 2011 | Comments (0)

Acting '14
Halifax, MA

My name is Collin and I'm a senior acting major here at UArts. I have been acting since I was about nine years old and I love pursuing an education in something I'm really passionate about. Philadelphia is an amazing city and working for UArts has really given me a personal connection with this city and the university.