Just when you thought I should be worried...

Being a senior literally means doing everything at once. Time management for everyone varies depending on personality obviously, but for me it means balance. This week alone I have to manage work, personal family matters, grant proposals, artist statements, slideshow presentations, installations, collaborative projects, class, design competitions, and oh did I say work? All things that MUST get done because slacking on one responsibility is nonnegotiable for me. For some, taking on heavy loads equal massive trauma, for me it means tunnel vision. Because of where I am right now in life maintaining responsibility means progression, and progression means growth. I like to feel like I am growing in every area of my life, so taking on crazy- seemingly impossible work loads means I have to out source. What exactly does out-sourcing imply? It means I'm going into autopilot mode and tapping into my reality. My reality is not that "God is in control (and that I have no say in the matters of life)", but it's that He gave me the ability to manage and execute every single task given to me in excellence. The limit on my ability depends on my perspective, whether I choose to be overwhelmed or choose to suck it up and get things done. Excellence doesn't mean perfection; perfection is the mother of procrastination. For me it means tapping into a well of creativity deep within, and coming up with ways to do my best while being the best at whatever it is that I do. I choose not to be stressed because I know that everything I am supposed to do will one way or another get done. Freaking out only waste time, I'd much rather find the positive in everything and simply breathe.


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Crafts and Material Studies (Fibers and Textile Studies) '2014
Prince Georges County, Maryland

I love Jesus/people, I make sculpture for the body, I enjoy being an unorthadox Radical and I am changing the world. All at once.