It's Been Chill

I knew moving to Philadelphia would be a big change. I've lived the last twenty years of my life in very hot and mostly warm environments. I'm used to wearing sandals (or not wearing shoes at all for that matter), but the truth is...I haven't worn sandals since I set foot on Philly.  I'm looking forward to the climate change though, Florida winter..well, let's just say it's not exactly a real winter to begin with. 

Speaking of weather, today I woke up to 34 degrees! I touched the window to get a feel for it and it was freezing! This is the first time I've experienced such low temperature and was quite unsure as to what kind of clothing to wear. So instead, I threw around 12 layers of clothing and managed to stay warm for most of the day. I hope to see snow one of these days, or by next month before I leave for Winter break. Only chance I ever got to see snow was a small pile in New York and it turned out to have horse pee on top. Not the finest of memories.

In the brightside though, this is the perfect weather to sit at home with a hot coffee or tea and get some homework done!


Nov 6, 2012 | Comments (0)

Maria Gaston
Industrial Design '15
Miramar, Florida

I am a transfer student, currently in my sophomore year. Originally from the heart of South America, Asuncion, Paraguay. My family now resides in sunny Florida.

I am an aspiring Toy Designer. During my spare time I cosplay, make costumes, hang out with friends, eat..spend some quality time with Netflix. I am also a food entuthiast and I am an addicted online shooper.