It Has Been Rather Hectic

The past few weeks have been extremely hectic, I think I've drank more coffee than my body can actually take. As a transfer student I also have to deal with my Sophomore classes as well as two foundation classes and it is certainly not easy. I'm not gonna lie though, I love the work and the projects are a lot of fun but then again, just being in the Industrial Design department is a lot of fun. I expect the work load for the next few weeks to get heavier though. The work is not stressful, just trying to get it done within a decent amount of time and with at least 5 hours of sleep can be a struggle.

While looking for books for my Design Issues class, I came across a couple books that focus entirely on the history of Toy Design as well as modern toys. I am an aspiring Toy Designer so these books are like Bible's to me. I'm hoping to finish all three before Winter Break, I've only done a little bit of reading and I already feel extremely motivated. In a sense, it's what I needed, it's a stress reliever. They are so much fun though, I am still a child at heart so examining images of old toys and just paying close attention to them and trying to understand how they function and such, I love it!

I just hope I don't continue to rely on coffee for the next few weeks. Then again, I've previously fallen asleep while seated in class and it's pretty embarrasing so maybe I'll stick to coffee a little longer.

Nov 26, 2012 | Comments (0)

Maria Gaston
Industrial Design '15
Miramar, Florida

I am a transfer student, currently in my sophomore year. Originally from the heart of South America, Asuncion, Paraguay. My family now resides in sunny Florida.

I am an aspiring Toy Designer. During my spare time I cosplay, make costumes, hang out with friends, eat..spend some quality time with Netflix. I am also a food entuthiast and I am an addicted online shooper.