An Introduction

Wow. College. It's finally here. The thing that I have been waiting for 12 years of school. And, alas, I have ended up here, at the University of the Arts. Well, let me start by introducing myself. My name is David Fertik. I am a freshman in the Directing, Playwriting, and Production program, in the Ira Brind School of Theatre Arts. I am from East Brunswick, NJ, and my dream is to one day own a professional theatre company that also works and produces events/exhibits/concerts in every other art form. I am a tour guide for the University of the Arts, and these blogs are for me to share the events that go on at the University, through the perspective of a student.

Already, in the first month and a half, I have made this my new home, formed friendships that will last as long as I am living, and created professional relationships that will allow me to rise to the top of the theatre world.

Move in day and orientation were great. Everything went extremely smooth, and all throughout orientation the Director of Student Activities, Steve Scaduto, had amazing and fun events planned every day. Sadly, a hurricane decided to come and rain on our parade. A few of the events got canceled, but it was nice to see right from the beginning, that UArts wouldn't let anything ruin their fun.

So far, all of my classes have been great. I have made friends with all of the professors, which is something that is incredibly easy here at the University, because you aren't just a number to them. You get to be on a first name basis with all of the professors. Which makes your learning experience that much better here.

All of my friends and I hang out constantly around our work schedules, and our coursework. That's the one thing about college I didn't expect. The amount of free time that you have. Don't get me wrong, You will have plenty of work, but I didn't realize how much time you really have to be able to go see shows around Philadelphia, or even go run over to the art museum and pretend to be Rocky, running up those steps. Already in the first month and a half, I got to go see a handful of incredible shows. I had the privilege of attending Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. The production was brilliantly performed and designed, and was part of this years Philadelphia Fringe Festival. The fringe festival was running from September 2-17. Which made the first few weeks here at school an amazing experience, because right from the beginning, we were exposed to the type of theatre which is created in Philadelphia.

The one thing I recommend everyone doing is just walking around Philadelphia at some point in their life. The amount of history and beauty that this city has to offer rivals that of any other city in the entire world. Philadelphia is a great city, and I'm so glad that I chose to come to school in this city.

For now, that's about it. Ill be back with some more events that happen as the semester and weeks tick by. David Fertik, out.

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David Fertik
Directing, Playwriting & Production '15
East Brunswick, NJ

David Fertik is a theatrical director, producer, administrator, and designer (specializing in Scenic and Puppetry Design). He currently serves as the Founding Artistic Director of Stage Left Theatre Company and the Co-Producing Artistic Director of Revolution Arts Workshop. Regional Credits include: Delware Theatre Company, Barrington Stage Company, International Opera Theatre, Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, Marian Anderson Award, French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, and Playhouse 22. David's senior thesis project entitled "The Circus Freak" featured various different types of puppetry. David is a proud member of the two largest organizations for puppeteers, UNIMA-USA and Puppeteers of America.