I'm Back!

If you ask me, winter break was entirely too short.  Time flies when you’re having a ball!

At the beginning of December, I got a call from an organization called Taglit-Birthright.  Operating mainly through campus Hillels (and other Jewish student groups like Chabad and JSU), Taglit offers Jewish college students who have never been to Israel before a free 10-day trip.  UArts does not have a Hillel, so I chose to go through Drexel.  Through a miraculous and stressful chain of events, I got a spot on the Drexel trip! 

Now, I consider myself to be pretty agreeable.  Making friends is easy for me, but showing up to JFK Airport to meet 34 other college students, most of them Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers and Tri-Sig Sisters, was one of the most intimidating thing I have done in my life.  Through awkward and forced ice breakers like “Two Truths and a Lie,” I quickly made friends with two other non-Drexel girls, Sara and Samara.  Three airplane meals, two melatonin, and one lay-over in Austria later, we had finally reached Ben Gurion airport!  

Israel is a small country (roughly the size of New Jersey) but 10 days was entirely too short.  Aside from the normal tourist traps, like hiking Masada (note the thumbnail pic), the swimming in the Dead Sea, and visiting Independence Hall, we also went to a wine tasting at the Golan Heights Winery, a ‘shuk’ in Tel Aviv, the Land of Israel museum, and even rode camels.  The museum had a special exhibit called “Local Testimony,” a collection of local photojournalists work.  The middle east is a hotbed of current events.  I can watch the news all day, but getting to see the places in the headlines in person gives you a new perspective.  Israel is a complex country with vast extremes and evolving ideals, not to mention a falafel stand or two!  

Shortly after returning to the states, I boarded a plane once again (this time with significantly less baggage) and flew to sunny California, to spend a week with my boyfriend, Stephen.  He’s a senior Music Composition major.  I had only been to Los Angeles once before, so I was really excited to be back!  We spent the week going shopping (the boy loooves to shop!), hiking, and even went to Santa Barbara.  Santa Barbara is actually the cutest place I’ve ever been.  There is only one mall because almost all the shops and restaurants on the main street are independently owned.  

After leaving California, I spent the remainder of my break home before returning to Philly.  Classes have started, and now I’m exhausted.  Gunna be a great semester!

On an unrelated note... RAVENS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!  Thanks, Ray! #RavensNation!

Hiking on top of Masada!


They made us sleep in a Bedouin tent.  It was basically a blanket fort. I was not a happy camper.

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