Hurricane Sandy in Philly

This is why I’m thankful for living in Philadelphia:


I come from a place where the whether is always mild. The wind is always decent, and the temperature rarely gets below 24 degrees or above 95. There are no tropical storms in Portland, Oregon. The closest I’ve ever gotten to a tropical storm was watching Hurricane Katrina footage on television. Naturally, when I got word that the “largest tropical storm in the last 100 years” was going to hit Philadelphia, I expected storm shelters and death. I expected water to flood the streets. I expected trees in the air, houses being uprooted and thrown into the sky.

Naturally, my expectation far exceeded my reality. What I got was a slightly above average windy rainstorm, and two days straight of staying indoors. The boredom was more dangerous than the storm itself.


My expectation: Winds and rain out the wazoo, with a 50% chance of maiming and death.


Reality: An average rainfall with occasional gusts, and a 100% chance of three boring days indoors.



I spent the entire storm with friends, locked indoors. We called it a “shelter party”, or an “If we die, we all die together” party.  It consisted of napping, playing board games, and eating cheesecake for three days straight.

The scariest part about the storm was the news outside of Philly. My friend at NYU lost power and had to evacuate. New Jersey got hit hard. Since we weren’t near the coast, all we got was some mild winds and rain, but areas near the coast were getting hit much harder than we were. Manhattan and New Jersey really the brunt of it. And Manayuk, too. Poor Manayunk.

I received phone calls all day from concerned family members, checking to make sure that I hadn’t died. My parents called multiple times. I got multiple emails with survival tips and words of comfort. I heard from family members I haven’t heard from in years.


Their expectation: "The power's out, and I'm running out of food! Help me!"


Reality: "Nah, it's good."



So, overall, the storm went over pretty easily here in Philly. The wind blew pretty hard, but I spent more time worrying about keeping myself busy than keeping the storm at bay. I simply sat back and watched Mother Nature run its course.



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Katie Markey
Musical Theater '16
Portland, Oregon