How To Survive the Critique

As artists, one thing that we all have to learn to do is to accept criticism.  Everyone has to go through the dreadful time where we sit in front of the class as they analyze our work.  It's not always the most blissful feeling seeing your art that you've worked day and night on being picked apart, but the result is always gratifying.  


Something to remember is that no one likes the guy who gets sassy in class during a crit. If your crit doesn't go as well as expected, it's okay to be upset, but you need to get over it and learn from the experience.  That's the whole reason why we go to school--to learn from our mistakes.


If you have a critique that goes well, that's great!  You should be proud, but you shouldn't boast.  You shouldn't see that as an opportunity not to participate in class.


Critique rules are the same rules that apply good sportsmanship.  No one like a sore loser or winner.  You have to be respectful, constructive, and professional.  The same guidelines you'd follow in the work world should be followed in the classroom.  Athough we are critiquing our work in school, that doesn't mean that it will end when we graduate.  Criticism is a vital aspect to the craft for your whole career.  You never know who the next big thing will be.  It could be you, but it could also be the guy who sits to your right, so I suggest you follow these rules: 


During crits, you should...


-Always participate


-Be respectful


-Be constructive


-Be open to others' ideas


-Keep a cool head and give the criticism some thought


-Breathe.  You will survive. 




(I always find that listening to Beyonce helps settle me down after I have a bad crit, so enjoy the link:  


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Tyler Seecof
Film '15
Southampton, Pennsylvania

Hey all!  I'm Tyler.  I am a Junior Film major at UArts.  I'm also heavily involved with our theater school.  I've been involved in film,acting, and theater my whole life so it has been a really surreal experience being completely submerged in what I love most and I can't wait to share all of my stories with you!

Film '15
Southampton, Pennsylvania

Hi all!  My name is Tyler.  I'm a junior Film major at University of the Arts.  I'm also heavily involved with our theater school!  I've been involved with film and acting my whole life. I did my first show in the 4th grade!  Being at a school where I can totally emerge myself in everything I love has been so surreal! I'm always working on school, or at one my jobs, or on a film set.  I can't wait to share all those stories with you guys!