Harlem Shake and other Shenanigans

The Week:

On Monday, I went from not knowing what this phenomenon was, to by Thursday, wanting the craze to be over already!  Planking, Ebaum’s World, Chuck Norris, these are all pop culture references are a flash in the pan.  It’s been 15 minutes, so why is the Harlem Shake still on the radar!?  

Please take a few minutes to cringe at these homemade renditions of the Harlem Shake.

UArts Financial Services:


My old High School:


In the Making:

12th St Gym Spinning Class Edition (NO, I WILL NOT BE PART OF THIS!)


The Weekend:

I can’t believe I am saying this... I’m going home for the weekend! And I’m actually excited!  Aside from home cooked meals and free laundry, I will see some high school friends!  Friday night, I’m visiting my friend Mellie at UMD who recently experienced a tragic texting incident involving the end of the side walk and ugg boots.  I’m not sure how she did it, but she had to go to the hospital and is now boot-bound with a severly sprained ankle.  Here’s a picture of the damage!


Saturday I’m taking pictures for both of my darkroom based studios.  The first assignment, for Photo II is a Cenri Cartier-Bresson inspired project about the decisive moment.  Next week I will split filter print these onto fiber paper.  Sigh...  I’m a lot more excited about my Intro to Color assignment.  Using the color wheel, I am supposed to shoot a roll of contrasting, cool, and warm compositions.  I have a shoot set up with a family friend and her husband’s bunny, Carmella.  

Saturday night, it’s off to Towson University for me!  Because Baltimore is an inescapable bubble of gossip, I will probably run into everyone I have ever met.  I’m not sure if I’m dreading this or excited, but either way, expect stories!


As for now, I’m at work in the Printing Lab.  No one is printing much because it is the beginning of the semester, so I’m taking it easy, listening to “Backstreet Boys Radio,” and “Summer Hits of the 2000s.”  I highly recommend giving them a listen.

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