Hurricane Sandy's Wrath

You never really understand the extent of a hurricane until it strikes full force. With only a few days notice of the oncoming hurricane "Sandy", people seemed pretty prepared considering that Hurricane Irene only happened a year ago. However, some places were less fortunate as Sandy had much destructive effects over other areas. Sunday morning I recieved word that UArts was closed on Monday (October 29th) and Tuesday (October 30th) and work was cancelled, my roomate and I packed our bags, hopped on a train, and headed back to South Jersey to brave the storm with our families. Though we were now closer to Sandy, our particular town didn't recieve much damage. New York was extremely effected, as well as Atlantic City, Ocean City, LBI, Sea isle, Margate, Brigatine, and other shore citys, however, were severely effected in a truamatic way. (<<<<I completetly BUTCHERED that sentence but I will leave it up to show you my attempt at sounding intellecual after a long week...basically, lots of places got some bad stuff...) Major flooding, mass power outages, wrecked houses and cars, and extreme damage occured. Suprisingly enough, our power stayed on and I was able to have an up to date feed of what Sandy was ravaging. 

             Many pictures circulated the internet regaurding the storm. Some were extremely shocking and real, while others were faked. I found a great website that distinquishes the real photos from the false ones. 

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             Because of Sandy's effects, Halloween was literally moved to November 3rd. I certainly didn't know anyone had the power to move a holiday. Halloween is a major passion of mine (sounds silly, right? NO.) and because of Sandy, it hasn't hit me that as of right now, the REAL Halloween is tomorrow. On any rate, my hearts go out to those affected and I hope for a safe recovery for all.

Oh...and I just found out that the trains are closed for a am I getting back to UArts tomorrow? 

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