Halloween Festivities

So here it is! My first post as a student blogger! I must say, this is kind of a great outlet for me to share what is happening in my life. I, for some reason, love when people know what I am up to all the time. I am a daily YouTuber, which could explain a lot. Anyway, on to my point. Halloween runs about three months for me considering that I absolutely love everything about it to death. Among the many aspects of the ghoulish month of October comes the candy and, more importantly, the candy corn. I feel like I am the only one who loves candy corn the way I do. Thus, my newest Youtube video was born. Appropriotly titled, "I Really Love Candy Corn." Check it out!- 


     This year, I have finally taken my love for Halloween to newer heights and I could not be any happier. Back in August, I auditioned for one of America's top haunted attractions "Terror Behind the Walls" at the abandoned prison "Eastern State Penitentiary" located in Philadelphia. I soon recieved word that I was cast and was extremely excited to get started. We are now in the heart of our season and while my days consist of sitting in a classroom, my nights are filled with screams of horror and it's absolutely great. Being a creature of the night, I am able to do one of the things I love most (scare people!) and have a fantastic time. This might be one of the most amazing jobs a person could have. That being said, be sure to make it out during this year's run- it'll sure to leave you in fear as you discover the true terror that lies within the walls! As we say at TBTW, it's ALWAYS terror time!


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John Berchtold
Film Major '16
Mays Landing, New Jersey

John is a freshman here at UArts. Being a film major, John loves horror films and hopes to direct the next scary flick! Although a film major, he has a variety of other passions. Roller coasters, musical theatre, halloween and everything horror, vlogging for youtube, and food are among his favorite things. John has a youtube channel in which he updates daily- check him out at “Johnnyberchtold.” John has been performing all his life and loves to entertain others. Be sure to keep up with his blog posts, they’re here for you!

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