The good and the bad

Guess who's taking advantage of the school's free Counseling serviceeesss?? That would be me. Turns out, this previously mentioned anxiety problem is now more of an issue than I am qualified to deal with... the standard cognitive therapy I've been working on myself since I was 13 years old is no longer cutting it... I needed help.

I in no way am trying to "wash my dirty laundry in public" –so to speak- but I think it's important to state that... sometimes people need help. And I don't think it's anything that anyone should be ashamed of asking for. If you're having a problem that you can't deal with on your own, it's not weak or pathetic to seek help... it's intelligent and responsible. So I want to broadcast that to my readers in the hope that it might produce more people that can learn to handle their problems, and less people that just plain SUCK!!

Moving on...

My mother came to visit me this weekend!! She, Caly and Ryan and I went to the Baltimore Aquarium, which I had never been to before, and it was absolutely beautiful and very cool. I have lots of good pictures to post but, since it's not yet October, I still can't post them!! When I can finally use the website again, I'll probably have an entire page devoted to pictures, I swear to God... though, they're not as good because I've been using my iPod instead of my bitchin' camera. :/ Lamesauce.

We also went to a restaurant that prides itself on the fact that its employees will tell you to F@ck right off! It was definitely a new experience, lol. The place is called "Dick's Last Resort," and it's decorated to look like an absolute HOLE. It really is. The waitresses are sarcastic and bitchy and it's all done on purpose and in fun. It must be an extremely fun place to work at. If you sit indoors, they'll also give you a paper hat that says something provocative and mean... but we sat outdoors so my mother could smoke, lol.

I must say... Analyzing Talk gets worse and worse and worse every single time I go to it. I'm not sure I can bring myself to go, again. It knocks the life out of me. That and Episodic TV are my two least favorite classes. The problem is that I took Analyzing Talk because I thought it would strengthen the dialogue in my writing, and she warned us that it was going to be "hard" but LET ME TELL YOU... it's NOT hard... it's painfully slow, in fact. I feel like we spend 80% of class deciding whether or not the damn cow goes "Moo." It sucks!! We have to act out the most simple of concepts for each other, and just... really? Please. It's almost insulting how slow it is. We don't even address the readings in class. I've learned absolutely nothing. Episodic TV is just... false advertising. We were told we were going to be writing and pitching our own scripts and writing the pilot all semester... but OH they forgot to mention that that will be Episodic TV...II. The optional Spring class. And that the one we take right NOW is kind of a joke. Not only are we writing for a previously existing show... a sitcom: "How I Met Your Mother" which, by the way, gets less and less funny every time I watch it... and this show is about to go off the air, so the episode we write can't ever even dream of coming true... and furthermore, WE'RE NOT WRITING OUR OWN EPISODES... groups of us are going to write THE SAME episode. The same damn A Story. Three of us on one and four on another. Again, it feels like a joke. With all the anxiety and the stress lately, it makes me hostile and unappreciative, and frankly—doesn't even REMOTELY feel like it's worth all the money I'm spending. And I can deal with one class that feels that way, but not two. Christ.

Costume and Makeup however... how you say... I'M IN LOVE!! God, it's so sad that I'm a senior- and I'm not kidding at all. If I was a Sophomore or EVEN a junior, I might consider changing my major. These two classes are just fantastic. It makes me all the more certain that when I graduate for UArts, whatever else I do or wherever else I may be, I'm going to pursue a degree from Hair Design School so I can work on going into Costume, Hair and Makeup on the FILM SET... of course that part of the dream hasn't changed—DON'T PANIC!- but I feel like that's what's MISSING! The hands-on aspect! I write it and sell it and... that's... it. And that SUCKS! I haven't done something with my hands in four years, and I almost went to school for cartooning and/or illustration. I MISS creating something I can see without reading for an hour. And it's something I have always genuinely admired and enjoyed about films... the costumes. The makeup. I'm getting really into it, and I hope that if I'm good at it, if I prove myself to Maggie that maybe she can point me in the right direction, or let me sit in on some classes next year if I'm still in the city... I don't know. All I know is that halfway through the semester, I'm going to have a chat with her and see what I can do.

Now... BED!

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Jaimie Fortin
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Hullo-- I'm Jaimie and I have been blogging for UArts for the last four years. :) I'm a senior now, and while I enjoy screenwriting, I've taken a special interest in makeup as well! My hope is to me a Primary Makeup Artist on film sets or for a television network, and write my screenplays on the side to sell. I hope to go to Cosmetology school next year to get an official degree to help me secure a day job in that field. I also enjoy history, serial killers, folklore, and Drag Queens! :D