Giving thanks for a break

The next two weeks before Thanksgiving break are the most strenuous of the semester at the Brind School. Much more is expected of us and it is expected on a regular basis. Our faculty has hammered in the notion that being artist obviously goes well beyond the classroom, it is a continuous responsibility and you always have to be working on your craft. Balancing the work of an actor while still having time to escape from that reality is something I am learning how to accomplish, which has proven challenging. We all need a break from our work lives to keep our sanity but for unproven actors, you never know who you will meet and when your audition will take place, so you want to be prepared if you're fortunate to receive that opportunity.

As busy as school is, the workload is diluted with the immense joy I have for the multicolored leaves that are making their presence felt in the streets of Philadelphia. Autumn is a brief but satisfying period in the year, but it is also a time when many UARTS students do become homesick and yearn for Thanksgiving weekend. I must say that while I love Philadelphia I do empathize with the school's population that is a tad homesick because Thanksgiving does have the power of bringing together families, even if there are off-putting in-laws you'd rather not see. The positives of Turkey day are abundant; it only lasts few hours, delicious food is the protagonist of the event with NFL football playing a necessary supporting role, and there are no religious or political connotations with the holiday so everyone in America is on the same page. There is nothing not to love about the Day of Thanks, a day that is the perfect escape we all need every once in a while even those as passionate as artists.

Nov 14, 2011 | Comments (0)

Acting '14
Haverford, PA


Andrew Block is a budding actor/writer who is currently being trained by Meisner professor Curt Whipple (‘Waiting for Lefty’).  Andrew hails from the homogeneous suburbs of Philadelphia where he previously attended The Haverford School in Haverford PA. He loves films, especially Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Best in Show. A blessing and a curse, Andrew is a diehard Philadelphia sports fan, making him an instant minority amongst the UARTS populous. He also spends much of his time on the web series The Pursuit, a collegiate comedy satire with a strong penchant for American history, be sure to check it out. Andrew is the co-creator along with current tour guide Brad Ogden.