Found & Fabricated

So one of my favorite classes I'm taking this semester is my Object and Environment: Found and Fabricated class. We used found objects to 'fabricate' new ones. It's one of the most interested classes I've taken that makes me view objects in a different way. Our current project we're working on is using found objects to alter or skew the meaning of a different object.

The object I chose to alter its meaning is a New York Yankees baseball cap. When people see or wear a New York Yankees baseball cap it usually is to signify that they're a fan of the game as whole but also specifically to the Yankees themselves. But to me it represents quite a different meaning. I wear my hats as a sense of style and fashion. I do watch baseball and like the Yankees but that's not the reason I wear the hat. The hat to me is symbolic of fashion and art. So for my project I've recreated the hat using chicken wire, paper mache, paint, tin foil and newspaper. With these items I have exaggerated the size of the hat in order to alter the hat's meaning and change it's symbolism. The hat I created is far too large to actually be worn on someone's head which then means it has to be used strictly as a piece of art which is essentially what I use it for, to make a fashion/art statement instead of using it to signify that I am a fan of the sport/team. Below i have uploaded a picture of my real hat and the one I've made. I really like the concept behind this project and hope you guys like it as well!


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Ricky Michiels
Graphic Design '15
Baldwin, New york

Ricky is a transfer student from Long Island, New York. He currently is working to obtain his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design here at The University of the Arts. Ricky is always open to new ideas and expierences and works his hardest in areas of design and art in general to create new ideas and concepts that are visually interesting and thought provoking. He has much to offer in the emerging industry of design and visual art.