Fixing up my studio

Since school started, things have been going pretty well. All of my teachers loaded us right up with work like summer never happened. This semester is going to be all about building a body of work in order to try and come up with a good concept for my thesis. They don't try and give is particular assignments anymore, they just give us due dates and say "Have something done so we can talk about it." I really like being able to work on my own stuff exclusively now, but it is really hard to have almost no starting point from the teacher. I'm going to try and make as much work now as I can so I'll have an easier time next semester.

I love the studio that I got this year. It's smaller that most of the others, but it's been painted like a gallery and kept really nice. It's got a big window that looks right out into the courtyard by the Furness dorm. There's also a bathroom and a big sink so I don't have to worry about going to the other side of the building any more just to get water for paint or to use the bathroom. This weekend I'm getting a rental car with my friends so we can finish moving in heavy supplies into our studios. I'm also going to try and get a bunch of comfy pillows and cushions to make a spot in the corner of my space that I can relax in.


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Multidisciplinary '12
Rockaway, NJ

I'm a senior Multidisciplinary major here at Uarts and I focus mainly on Sculpture. I really enjoy working in the woodshop and metal shop, but most of my work is some combination of every material I can get my hands on. In my spare time I love watching movies with friends and playing video games. I like experimenting with cooking and using friends and family as guinea pigs.