First blog post!!

Monday November 25, 2013

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog post!

So we are a day away from Thanksgiving break here at Uarts and I've officially gone into panic mode. With less then two weeks left in the semester when we return from break, I am having a pretty hard time figuring out how I will possibly get all my work done. I have to keep reminding myself that I do say this at the end of every semester and hey, I'm a senior I should have this whole no sleep thing down, right? Ha. I wish. My time management skills have improved exponentially since freshman year, but I'm afraid it's going to be a life long struggle for me. There just never seems to be enough time, am I right? Anyway, a lot of my friends, especially the seniors who are knee deep in their senior projects, are staying in Philly for the holiday. They are obviously not as big of a fan of stuffing and cranberry sauce as I am, that's the only logic I can see in giving up your Turkey day for school work. Cray. But, I do have it way easier when it comes to travel time then a lot of my friends. It takes me about 4 hours by train to get back to my hometown in upstate NY while many of my friends have to fly home. [Note to self: bring back doggy bags for those poor turkey-less lads]

As a closing point in my first blog I would just like to take a moment and point out some of the many things I am grateful for as a student at Uarts: the Greenfield stacks- I love you and your peaceful nature, also those desk chairs are the bomb. The Uarts food truck on the corner of Spruce and Broad- my god that man can make a mean bacon, egg, and cheese. The instant hot water/cold water fountain on the ID floor- free hot water is a blessing. The guy that plays the clarinet on the corner of Walnut and Broad occasionally- your rendition of the Titanic theme song brought me to tears. Thanks for three plus great years guys. <3

And happy thanksgiving to everyone reading this! Hope you take some time to be thankful, even for the little things! :) stay posted for more blogs to come.

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Kaija Hazirjian
Industrial Design '14
Cornwall, New York

Hello! My name is Kaija but please feel free to call me Kai. I have been a student ambassador at the University of the Arts for a little over a year and I have been attending UArts since August 2010. I love living in Philly and being a part of the UArts community because of the rich artististic culture and supportive commuity structure that makes up the University. I study industrial design(ID), which is the design of all things in the world- cars, packaging, shoes, backpacks, chairs- anything that is manufactured usually has an industrial design and engineer team behind it. When I'm not burried deep in school work, I am just your average college kid going to movies on Friday nights in University City, seeing a concert at the Electric Factory in Northern Liberties, shopping with friends on South Street or kicking the soccer ball around in Rittenhouse Square. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a student at The University of the Arts and will be sad to say goodbye as I graduate at the end of this school year. Hope you'll follow my blog as I keep you updated on my final semester at UArts!!! :)