After Thanksgiving

So I've just come back from my Thanksgivin break and it's so hard to get back into the swing of things. I came back to all these finals and all this work and after having a break i just don't feel like doing anything. But, I've come up with a solution. Most of my friends feel this was too, but i've found out that if you get about three or four friends to get together with you and work on some home work, you get tired of complainging after the first half hour and then actually get work done! It's really cool, and it always helps having other artisits around you. That's what so great about art school you find inspiration anywhere including your peer's. So hopefully some of my friends are free tonight. I have about three finals I have to get done, hahaha

Dec 4, 2013 | Comments (0)

Alexis Williams
Writing for Film and TV (Minor in Photography) '15
Philadelphia, PA

Hi! I'm Alexis. I'm currently a juinor at Uarts. I am a film major with a concentration in screenwriting and a minor in photography. I am a member of the Ladies of Serive, a community service group at Uarts. I am an active member in the philadelphia community and I love being part of a group that focues on giving back. I have many other interests including dance and creative writing and being a part of the Uarts community I am able to explore other areas of interest. At a very young age I have had a love for arts and being at this school has helped me to be able to express myself in a creative way. I love being in the city and being able to have access to a multitude or art based things.