Finals in full swing!

Last weekend I filmed for my Video Production Final.  I’m on the fence about group work because it can either go very well, or absolutely horribly.  My group (Alexandra, Bryon, and myself) got together for the first project, got an ‘A’ on it, then decided to stick together for all the projects.  Bryon usually films, I do sound, then Alex edits.  I’m still waiting to see the final project, but here’s the rough edit:

Check it out!


On Monday I finished my final project for Photo 1.  The assignment was to take narrative portraits of people from home.  I did my Dad, my Grandmother, my cousin, and a family friend, and some of my high school friends.  Everyone really opened up to the idea of having their picture taken.  All that’s left is to make everyone copies.


Last night, I started an outline for my Text and Context paper.  Initially I was worried I wouldn’t have a long enough paper, but once I got into the meat of it I realized it would be okay.  


As for having fun, there is none of that. Jokes, there is a little.  My Mom gave me a gift card to American Apparel (she knew I would need to compulsively shop) so last night Alex and I went all the way to the American Apparel in University City where our friends Chelsea and Saleam work.  They hooked a sista up and I left with a reallyyy cute black dress! (I dare someone to twin with me!:

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Sara Nachman
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I am currently a Sophomore perusing a BFA in Photography with a concentration in Art Therapy.  I am from Baltimore, Maryland. Outside of class, I enjoy hanging out with friends, exploring the city, working out, and of course, taking pictures.  

My favorite TV shows are Saturday Night Live, The Office, and Parks and Recreation.  I have watched almost all the episodes on Netflix.  Twice.  I live in an off-campus apartment with my roommate, Jill.  We have a blast but we hate  grocery shopping and doing laundry.

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