Finally October!

Oh my God, it's 5AM!! And I'm still awake from the night before!! Why do I do these thiiiings?? Who even knows. The good news is that I have good news!

  1. I dropped Analyzing Talk.
  2. I OFFICIALLY added Make Up so that it will actually appear on my transcript and get me credit in that department! :D
  3. Ray was not upset with me when I told him that I would really, really prefer not to move back to New Hampshire and to do something here... and considered even moving here to be with me, depending on a lot of things... but it's still an option.

I can't waaait to start building up my Halloween costume! Oh- right- I'm being Miss Jessica Rabbit! And if Ray is here, he's going to wear normal Ray clothing and a pair of white bunny ears lol. I'm very excited. Sandra and I already decided to have a Halloween party at the end of the month. I need to ask Maggie for a possible dress pattern I could use to develop my costume with, or permission to use the sewing machines even though it's an independent project... we'll see! First I need to buy the damn dress material, find a cheap enough- but still doable- wig, and possibly even some shoes. Oh, life.

Guess who finally redid that dress last night? That would be ME. I'm surprised at how gorgeous it came out, honestly, and cannot waaaait to show you guys pictures. I love it! It'll be a great winter dress! And it looks smashing with black tights and my black pumps. Awesomesauce material! This also gives me confidence that perhaps I can start thrifting more regularly, because that means that clothes in the thrift store are actually FITTING me for once! Very exciting. For those of you that know me, I'm something of a big girl, and thrift store clothing is generally from the PAST and therefore is usually built for smaller ladies (or gentlemen) but not what I tried on! Most of it was actually too damn big! I'm excited to try something else. Hipster garments in the making!!

So, I was sent a test for various mental health disorders online in honor of National Depression Day... and as it turns out... not only did I test positive for General Anxiety Disorder (big friggen surprise) but Depression as well?? I don't consider myself to be depressed, and I think that maybe my results were conflicted because I DO have Anxiety, but I'm still going to bring it up with my therapist just to see what she says because that would suck, in lament terms, would it not? And it's always better to know.

Speaking of anxiety: I'm not someone who regularly keeps a journal (said the girl that works on the blog....) but I've found that keeping a journal to help work through the worst parts of my panic attacks has been really beneficial and calming to me, and would recommend that to anyone who has anxiety, or who just has a hard time making decisions at all. It can really show you things in plain view, rather than just letting all of your options bop around in your head... and sometimes you don't realize how little- or how much- power a thought has until it's written down in a simple sentence on the page.

Last night I saw "Carmen" at the Academy of Music on Broad St. I was given three free tickets from my Orientation Boss, Steve Scaduto, and I brought Mandeigh and Angela. It was nice because it was sort of a farewell hangout since starting tomorrow they will no longer be my roommates, but back to just being my friends. They're moving into their new place on Sunday. I'm going to help them get there and stuff, because I'm classy like that. J After the Opera, we all went out to Applebees for a drink and some dinner. Then Mandeigh and I went home to relax and Ang hit the clubs with her friend from Mexico, Orlando. It's good for her to have a friend from back home to bond with... keeps her from feeling isolated in the US of A.

Tomorrow I hope to spend a good chunk of time working on "Leaving Christmas Valley." I feel like if I throw myself into it the way I threw myself into "Me'Ahev" last year, it might yield some good things! I'm going to give it a shot, anyway. After that I'll probably map out the B Story for my "How I Met Your Mother" episode- which I actually like—the B story, I mean—and then write it on little colored index cards to map them out in class on Monday. We shall see!

Then there's the whole matter of going to the grocery, which I really ought to do... damn. Gotta do it, though! Ugh... I need Sandra's money to go, though. Balls and more balls.

As for me, it's now 5:30 and I need to get invested in bed.


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